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We create NFTs that are registered on the blockchain. They represent the digital projection of physical properties. Each NFT is unique, incorruptible, non-replicable, and directly linked to real properties.


We divide the value of the property into individual NFTs that can be purchased independently. The cumulative value of the individual NFTs represents the overall value of the property in the digital market.


Each NFT represents a portion of the property along with the associated rights. The relationship between token holders and the property is regulated by smart contracts, the community, and Rivero itself.


The exchange of NFTs is free within the secondary market. The value of the single NFT is defined by the seller and buyer without the intermediation of third parties.


To make the housing market simpler so that everyone can easily access valuable resources.


Our vision consists of a real estate market free of current entry barriers, geographical limitations, and skill-specific obstacles. We aim for real estate to function as a liquid asset, capable of storing and generating value, and created especially for more efficient and democratic forms of use.


Our goal is to build an ecosystem based on the tokenization of portions of properties, which simplifies real estate investment and speeds up its exchange.


We will create a market that allows users to buy, sell or exchange limited portions of real estate represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) registered on the blockchain.The quick and straightforward transactions on the blockchain will promote the free flow of rights, creating a fresh approach to real estate investment and use.


  • ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY: We make real estate management better by using scalable economies and improving processes, making sure the property’s economic value is maintained.

  • SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY: We introduce a new real estate market concept that enhances user decision-making and financial freedom.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: We contribute to the green transformation of society by establishing a more efficient and transparent real estate market. Our goal is to safeguard the territory and preserve environmental assets of public utility and undeniable social and environmental interest.

  • DISINTERMEDIATION: The blockchain provides users with complete and direct control over token management.

  • DIVERSIFICATION: Mitigate risk through diversification. Our platform enables the acquisition of tokens for any type of real estate asset, without geographical, social, or administrative constraints.

  • RESERVE OF VALUE: Transform properties into accessible reserves of value, manageable in small fractions for flexible administration according to individual needs.

  • DECENTRALIZATION: Establish a collaborative administrative system involving community participants (aka the Rivers). They progressively gain decision-making authority through certified and transparent voting systems, preventing any potential centralization of power.

  • TRANSPARENCY: The circulation of information will always be managed with extreme transparency, ensuring access to data in a simple and automatic way. We aim to combat any form of censorship that may hide, manipulate, or corrupt decision making flows.

  • EASY: Our goal is to simplify the process of purchasing real estate significantly. We will achieve this by actively reducing bureaucratic burdens and establishing a system that certifies property ownership at minimal costs and almost instant speed.

  • SPEED: Utilizing Blockchain technology and the secondary market, we consistently connect buyers and sellers. This approach eliminates waiting times and cuts out intermediaries, ensuring a swift and efficient process.


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Vitruvius, Father of Architecture

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (80 BC – 15 BC) is renowned as the first architect to systematically develop a theory of architecture in his work, “De Architectura.”.

That’s why Rivero chose his name for its first Era.

During this period, the founders’ intuition, vision, and desires will undergo a methodical development.

To achieve this, Rivero must assemble a competent team fully immersed in the company’s vision. The team will delve into studying the potential and critical issues associated with the vision, and subsequently define the IT, legal, economic (including tokenomics), and token distribution policies that form the underlying framework of the system Rivero aims to establish.

In this critical phase, presenting Rivero’s idea to the world through its landing page is essential. Establishing contact with the initial community of supporters becomes invaluable. This engagement serves to collect suggestions, experiences, and secure the initial funding crucial for the economic sustainability of the system.

Upon the preparation, testing, and verification of the processes, this Era will culminate in the formal establishment of the Rivero Company.

December 2021


April 2022

User Validation

May 2022


June 2022

Blockchain Design

August 2022

Landing Page

August 2023

Legal compliance

September 2023

POC (proof of concept)

October 2023

Business Plan

Jenuary 2024

Company Foundation

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 – 1519), a polymath, envisioned engineering solutions that were previously unimaginable. Meticulous in detail and possessing a profound understanding of mechanisms, he designed inventions that continue to hold relevance in the contemporary world.

Hence, the second era of Rivero is designated as the ‘Leonardo’ era, emphasizing an era of engineering and construction. The refined ideas and processes developed in the first era will be translated into functional products. This phase involves a comprehensive analysis of the system’s legal compliance. The creation and testing of the utility token, the NFT model, and the smart contract underpinning the tokenization of property rights will be central to this stage. Prior to launch, these products will undergo a thorough technical audit conducted by a prominent independent body.


Alpha test

1st release

Beta test

Token RIV

Audit di verifica

Andrea Palladio (1508-1580), the visionary architect who anticipated neoclassical architecture, influencing a style later embraced globally, as seen in the design of iconic structures like the White House.

The third era of Rivero is aptly named Palladio, symbolizing an era of openness and global dissemination

The meticulously refined and tested systems and products will be gradually introduced to the market. The utility token will be made available through a fair launch pool, and a dedicated portal facilitating investor access to the marketplace will be developed.
The era will culminate with the listing and completion of the tokenization of the first property.

Le Corbusier (1887-1965) stood as a trailblazer in modern architecture, embodying the role of an architect and urban planner. He conceptualized the ‘Modulor,’ a theory that places the individual, along with their dimensions and needs, at the focal point of building and city design—a vision aimed at establishing a universally applicable standard.

Since its inception, Rivero has not only embraced but also actively embodied this principle. In the fourth Era, the objective is to comprehensively develop and implement this approach, ensuring a scaling to human measure.

During this Era, Rivero will strengthen its purchasing network, inaugurate the secondary token market (enabling exchange among users), facilitate a marketplace for rentals, and take essential steps to empower sellers to directly present their properties for sale, all while ensuring robust safeguards for buyers. Additionally, in this Era, Rivero will lay the foundational groundwork for the progressive transformation.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) Much like Le Corbusier, left an indelible mark as one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. His innovative approach distinguished itself through a profound study and interaction with the natural environment, recognizing it as an indispensable element in architecture.

Rivero, too, recognizes the imperative for a renewed and more conscientious relationship between humanity and the natural environment. It believes in making a significant contribution to environmental preservation. Specifically, in the upcoming fifth Era, Rivero will unveil its green sector, featuring properties designed for high energy efficiency, requalification plans, and tangible environmental assets. This initiative aims to provide the community with an opportunity to actively engage in the conservation and protection of these valuable resources.

Adolf Loos, the creator of the motto ‘the less is more,’ believed that ‘function is substance’ and that aesthetic superimpositions are unnecessary if they lack functional significance. In this phase, Rivero will concentrate on directly expanding the functional offerings for users, both in terms of tokenized products and community-driven management delegation.

Our goal is to establish a network of secondary services related to blockchain and property management, broaden decision-making power delegated to stakeholders, and construct the first Rivero-branded properties through authentic processes of shared design.

Oscar Niemeyer, a disciple of the great masters, is renowned for his urbanization works closely linked to Brazil’s rapid expansion, notably serving as the architect behind Brazil’s centers of governmental power.

Similarly, in this phase, Rivero aspires to cultivate ideas and projects with a profound social impact. Specifically, the focus will be on public utility works that contribute to and champion environmental conservation, social well-being, and harmonious coexistence in ecosystems increasingly intertwined with human life.

Zaha Hadid’s abstraction and fragmentation deconstruct the idea of repetitiveness and mass production. What has always been done repetitively is reduced to its essen􏰀al elements, creating new and innovative works through abstraction.In the eighth and final Era, Rivero’s primary focus will be on achieving progressive and increasingly significant decentralization. Rivero will develop a tool enabling decision management for individual properties through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Over time, decisions concerning the entire Rivero system will also become automated, transforming Rivero into a true DACO (Decentralized Autonomous Company), controlled by the Rivers. By delivering the company to its supporters, the Founders believe they will have concluded their architectural endeavor in constructing a better world.

Il Team

Ronnie Magro

Founder and CEO

Technical Sales Manager with an experience in managing and administrating commercial orders. With a technical background as a product developer and innovation project design. Passionate about finding solutions, he sees competitiveness as a drive to always get better

Matteo Zanette

Founder and COO

Product engineering manager and architect with specializes in sustainability, with years of experience in multinational companies. Passionate about innovation processes and strategic development. He sees design and planning as a real way of life, he always looks at the future with an eye for unconventional solutions

Barbara Paladin

Chief Marketing Officer

Ambitious marketer with a degree in International Strategic Marketing from the University of London. A truly goal oriented person (and also a bit of an overthinker) she’s always looking for original and personalized ideas and solutions. Creativity is her spark, determination and enthusiasm is her fuel. Her day can only start after a warm cup of coffee.

Simone Tolomio

Chief legal Officer

Freelance lawyer for the Venice jurisdiction, he has a ten-year experience in the civil law and real-estate law areas, both in-court and out-of-court. His approach is always result-oriented, and necessarily oriented towards the dialectical discussion and towards the search for a middle ground between conflicting interests. Proud liberal and crypto enthusiast, scout leader and manager of the local unit

Gianmarco Rizzo

Communication and PR

Passionate about communication since forever, since 2008 I work as a digital marketing specialist for a well known fintech start-up based in Milan. Since 2019 I work in my own marketing studio “Empatia Studio”. In the same year I start to approach the world of crypto by studying the blockchain, web3 and defi technologies. I currently work with other web agencies all around Italy, while keeping myself informed about the world of web3

Elia Rezzante

Head of Real Estate

Real-estate consultant and mediator with two strong interests: investment and radical innovation. I am a rational optimist, curious, ambitious and with a repulsion towards the “status quo”. Since 2019 I daily immerse myself in the blockchain world, because I’m firmly convinced of its enormous potential.

Alessandro Pasqualini

Web Developer

Long-time Full Stack Developer, he loves cats and coffee. He is fluent in lots of programming languages and he is able to develop basically anything. He first got interested in the crypto world back in 2010 and since then he’s been following along with the innovations. In 2020 he co-founds Dartmoon, a company that works in web and software development.

Milly Zecchinato

Web Designer

Web designer and UI/UX designer, she made her passion for graphic design her lifelong job. Self taught since day 1, she learned all the needed tools on her own, by starting in the branding and logo creation field. In 2020 she co-founds Dartmoon. She loves houseplants of any kind and she’s got dozens of them at home.

Gianluca Rorato

Web Developer

Front-end developer with a past experience as a wristwatch designer. He later discovered the web was his real passion and since then he crafts websites of any type. Since 2021 he’s part of the Dartmoon team, where he perfectly translates all of Milly’s designs. He loves gadgets and he has a special one for any occasion.

Ignazio Cogotti


More than 30 years of experience in Business Development, Commercial, Marketing and product and start-up launch, especially under bigger corporate businesses lke Johnson&Johnson and Bristl Myers Squibb, reaching the position of Executive Manager. In his career he helped develop more than 750 millions of euros worth of new businesses in Italy and in Europe. Startupper in the veterinarian field since 2010, he sells his company in 2017 and since then he starts working in the start-up incubator market and in the business&financial development field. He works with small and medium businesses but mainly with early stage startups. Expert in strategic finance, business model and methods of business evaluation.

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